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About The band

Hailing from the scenic landscapes of southeastern Connecticut, The Subliminals epitomize the fusion of jazz and groove. The ensemble unites diverse backgrounds, musical styles, and expertise, seamlessly blending to create a rich atmosphere.

With a repertoire influenced by the legendary works of icons like Herbie Hancock, Miles Davis, Roy Hargrove, and John Schofield, the band brings an uplifting feeling of joy and happiness to the stage, offering a musical experience that gently resonates beyond the performance.

Welcome to a world where jazz and groove intertwine, welcome to the world of The Subliminals.

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Audio Special Thanks

Jay Banta, Rose Hill Station

Fred Fagan

Emily Winters

Collin Larkin

Danny Motta

Rob Funk

Aaron Daniels

Michael Winslow

Check out some pics from the studio recording

Come together – Full Song

Come Together – Sample

Saint Denis – Full Song

Saint Denis – Sample

Samba De Orpheus – Full Song

Samba De Orpheus – Sample

The Jody Grind – Full Song

The Jody Grind – Sample

Watermelon Man – Full Song

Watermelon Man – Sample

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Upcoming shows

Third Thursday of Every Month!

The Shipwrights Daughter

20 E Main St, Mystic, CT 06355